Yoga For Your Health

Practicing yoga has many benefits. Yoga has a holistic effect on the body, psyche and emotions and thus on our health and well-being. With time every person practicing yoga finds out that it is not only physical exercise because yoga also has a very positive effect on our well-being and health. For many people yoga is a lifestyle.


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Hatha Yoga

Indian yoga tradition based primarily on asana body postures, the six kriya cleansing processes, and breath control. One of the authoritative texts of this school is the Hathayogapradipika.

Vinyasa Yoga

A branch of yoga that has its roots in Indian culture. It is a dynamic variety of yoga. Its invigorating qualities are based on the connection of breathing technique with movement. The system of "movement-breath" or vinyasa is what distinguishes Ashtanga from other forms of yoga. The word Ashtanga refers to the eight components of yoga.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is derived from kundalini, defined in Vedantic culture as the energy that slumbers at the base of the spine until it is activated and directed upward through the chakras in the process of spiritual perfection. Proponents believe that Kundalini is the power associated with the divine feminine.

Intuitive Yoga

During an intuitive yoga session, we listen to our inner dance that inspires outer movement. We learn on the mat how to withdraw the mind and ego from directing our actions. Instead, we inspire feelings and intuition. We learn to listen to our inner dance and let it create our outer movements.

Aroma Yoga

As the name suggests it is yoga performed in the company of all kinds of aromatic additives which floating in the air add not only the atmosphere but through the smell relax the whole body.

Slow Yoga

Slow Yoga is a low-impact workout that can help you get into shape gradually. It is in sharp contrast to power yoga or its active aerobic based version. This type of yoga is actually a combination of modified Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga. It doesn't have as many transitions as classic Vinyasa yoga, but it has more flow than Hatha Yoga.

7 minutes Mindfulness

Who am I?

What is the True Nature of Being?

What happens when I die?

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Among the major benefits of yoga are:

improved posture,

better body immunity,

improved mood and stress reduction,

relief from menstrual pain,

increased body flexibility,

regulated blood pressure,

a feeling of relaxation,

better motor coordination.

7 minutes Mindfulness

Stress less, sleep better, and show up every day as the best version of yourself!

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